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April 19, 2018- Ex Com e-vote, Vote to Approve Recommendation of FSU FY19 Budget


Ex Com was asked by email on 4/19/18 to vote on the following. The FSU Executive Committee voted to approve recommendation of the proposed FY19 FSU budge with a $36 annual dues increases on 4/23/18 [CONTACT FSU OFFICE FOR COPY OF THE PROPOSED FSU BUDGET]. The votes were 8 in favor; 0 opposed; 5 members did not vote.

I'm attaching revised budget scenarios with the health benefit for the administrative assistant zeroed out and  a $5000 decline in the budget for the grievance committee.  Since this saves 15,000, a $36 increase with a 10% reduction in fee payers now brings us from balance to a $15,000 surplus.  With a 20% reduction, we end with only a $3,000 deficit.  

I also added the scenario of an $18 increase.  With a 10% reduction, this leaves us with a small surplus.  

So there are two questions.  Should we ask, as we voted, for $36 as a hedge against a large drop in fee-payers? (I believe we should, since a 10% drop seems overly optimistic).

And do we approve the budget as amended?