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April 11, 2019

FSU Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2019

Members Present: Marlene Kim; Steve Striffler; Jessica Holden; Emilio Sauri; Tim Sieber; Joseph Brown; Ellen Frank; Monique Fuguet;

Others Present: Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator; Heather LaPenn; MTA Consultant; Sandy Howland, FSU Organizer

  1. Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve proposed agenda. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
  2. Approval of the minutes: Motion to approve 3/22/19 Ex Com minutes. Motion seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
  3. Update on budget and input: [contact FSU office for copies of both documents]. Discussion of pending budget. Discussion of possible changes to the budget.  Discussion of health care insurance policy and provider requirements.  Discussion of organizer position.  Marlene will ask English dept chair how much CLR for Sandy would cost; Lorenzo will investigate health care insurance requirements.
  4. Ellen Frank JCC member: Motion to appoint Ellen Frank, FSU Grievance Committee chairperson, as an FSU member  to the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) and to remove Jeff Keisler as FSU representative to the JCC. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
  5. MTA delegate membersMotion to approve the following FSU members as delegates to the 2019 MTA Annual Meeting and any others who want to be delegates: Sandy Howland, Sofya Aptekar, Marlene Kim, Phil Chassler, Linda Liu, Joe Ramsey, Caroline Coscia, Peggy Walsh, Amy Todd, Jon Millman. Motion seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Discussion of possible bylaws change to propose to the MTA so that prospective members do not pay back dues for entire semester when they join but only pay dues prospectively.General agreement that this should proceed.Marlene will discuss with the MTA to get this in motion for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the MTA.

   6.  UMass Online : Discussion of proposal for new online UMass school. Concerns raised about plan for new school. Joe B will send consultants’ slide presentation on new school plans. Agreed to discuss  concerns with other UMass unions (Joe B will work on this committee).


     7.  Organizer activities and liaisons (contact FSU for report from organizer): Sandy ,Steve, and Marlene gave a report of the activities of the FSU Organizer. Discussion about FSU liaison plans.  Some ex com members don’t want to reach out to members. 

    8. ODEI complaints: We complained about ODEI to the Chancellor, specifically about not taking gender and race issues seriously (their approach seems to be to legally protect the university rather than create a holistic policy).  An external review is underway of this office. Reviewers will want to meet with FSU/faculty members (Tim S had given Admin list of names of people to contact; he reported that neither he nor others on list have been contacted yet).

    9.  Bayside purchase update.