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Advocating for Our Rights as Members
The Faculty Staff Union Exists to Promote Better Working Conditions and Protect the Wages and Rights of Our Members
Faculty Staff Union, UMass Boston
UMass Boston- Harbor Point
Speak Out Against Proposed Take-Backs!
FSU, CSU, and PSU members at the Chancellor's Office demanding that UMass pay the raises agreed to in bargaining
The Faculty Staff Union of UMass-Boston
Representing Faculty Members and Librarians at UMass Boston Since 1976.

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston Quinn/2/81A 100 Morrissey Blvd Boston MA 02125 617-287-6295 | 

The Faculty Staff Union of UMass Boston

Welcome to the FSU Site. Here you will find important information about our union, including the contract, a list of officers and  Executive Committee members, the FSU office telephone number and our address. You will also find information about current issues.   Please be sure to check the site regularly for the most recent issues facing our unit. We also have provided links to related sites that   you may find useful for union issues and for professional activities.

Caroline Coscia, President


FSU Nuts & Bolts: Work Environment and Workload Policies


Dear Member, 

As we approach mid semester and the scheduling of our spring semester schedules, we think this issue of Nuts & Bolts is a good time to share some policies and contract language associated with our work environment and workload.   


Board of Trustee Policies  

The Point: The Cost of a Hostile Takeover?


Greetings, Colleagues:

Subject: The Continued Attack on our Africana Studies Department

Action Item: Support the co-sponsored resolution that the FSU Executive Committee and the Africana Studies Department will be bringing to the Faculty Council Meeting on November 7th

Reminder: FSU LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group's Five and a Slide


Dear FSU,

This is a kind reminder that slides for the “5 and a Slide” event on October 19 can be sent to Timothy ( on 10/12. This will allow him to compile the slides into a single slide show before the event.

For those of you who need extra day to whip up a slide, please take it. Don’t let a deadline prevent you from presenting

To the rest of you, we hope you will join us on 10/19 from 5-6:30 in the Integrated Science Complex (ISC) 3300

Be well,

Fair Share Amendment Info Session, Tuesday October 11th 10-11AM


Dear Member,

We would like to let you know about the following Fair Share Amendment info session on Tuesday, October 11th, 10-11AM. See attached for more information.

Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU President                                   

Senior Lecturer II                               

Political Science Department        

FSU LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group's Five and a Slide


Dear FSU Colleagues,

The Queer Trans Trivia Bee was so fun that we want to keep the good times rolling!

We are hosting an on-campus 5 and a Slide event that you are all invited to attend and engage. This is part of a more deliberate effort to bring lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex scholars, and their co-conspirators together in caring community.

Here's how it works:

FSU Nuts & Bolts: Parking Bargaining has begun!


Dear Member,

This issue of Nuts & Bolts contains information on parking bargaining and to share our proposal. 

Who is bargaining? 

The FSU is in coalition with the Classified Staff Union (CSU), Department Chairs’ Union (DCU), and Professional Staff Union (PSU).  The presidents of each union are at the table for their respective union.  

Why bargaining? 

The Point: “Another Self-Inflicted Embarrassment”


Greetings, Colleagues:

Crisis point? Tipping point? Inflection point?  Call it what you want, but it is really time for all faculty and librarians at UMB and concerned members of the wider community to take notice of what great harm our administration is doing to our colleagues in Africana Studies and, by extension, what great harm they are doing to our students.  Given the horribly disruptive construction projects we have all been living with in the recent past it is tempting to say that management on campus is gutting the department “down to the studs.”


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