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Next week (11/18)! Building Solidarity Across Faculty Ranks: NTT Equity and Inclusion


Dear Colleagues, 

Please join us on Wednesday, November 18th for an FSU Forum about Building Solidarity Across Faculty Ranks, with a focus on non-tenure track faculty equity and inclusion. Faculty of all ranks are welcome and there will be substantial time for open discussion and listening to your thoughts and concerns.  

The forum will be held from 3:30-5 PM on Wednesday, November 18th  (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom information).

The forum will be co-moderated by FSU NTT representatives Joseph Ramsey, Senior Lecturer of English and American Studies and Linda Liu, Lecturer of Sociology, and will explore the following topics:

1) Current problems and challenges facing NTT faculty. We will hear from Maria Mellone, NTT member of the FSU Core Bargaining Team on the (mis)uses of the Associate Lecturer (AL) rank and from former UMB NTT faculty member Mario Muñoz, on the many ways in which NTTs can be marginalized and mistreated.

2) What are the stakes, or why should we care about NTT issues? José Martínez-Reyes, Associate Professor of Anthropology, will discuss the reasons for solidarity between NTT and tenure-stream faculty, outline our shared goals, and correct some misconceptions of NTT faculty.

3) Better practices. We will hear from Tim Sieber, Professor and former Chair of Anthropology, on the efforts his department is making to integrate NTTs, recognize their contributions, and advocate for equity. Heike Schotten, Associate Professor of Political Science, will report on newly proposed changes to the Faculty Council constitution that enable NTT representation.

4) What more is to be done? Open discussion with all participants to hear your thoughts and concerns with a view toward what more can be done to improve NTT equity and inclusion.  

We look forward to your attendance and participation!

Linda Liu, NTT Representative

José Martínez-Reyes, Tenured Representative

Joseph G. Ramsey, NTT Representative

on behalf of FSU Ex Com

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