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Come to the staff Halloween meeting on staff layoffs on Tuesday, Oct 31


Dear Colleague, 

Please observe HALLOWEEN by dropping by for a few minutes at the Ryan Lounge, third floor of McCormack, 12:00—1:30pm, Tuesday October 31, to mourn the loss of those who have already been laid off (NTT faculty), and the loss of those who will be part of the upcoming layoffs (staff).  

At this event, sponsored by the Professional Staff and Classified Staff Unions, the SAVE UMB coalition will present information about the real impact of the announced staff layoffs on the rest of the university community, as well as the roll of the trustees, what their agenda is, the layoffs of staff and the staff campaign, and the effect on students. 

The staff need to know that we care.  They have marched with us and for us in the past. Please show solidarity with the staff who are threatened now.    

Think about the impact on our FACULTY workload if there is no staff person to:  

---Run copies

---Change the ink cartridge on the printer 

---Make travel arrangements 

---Answer questions about why our paycheck was $50 short last week 

---Handle our unexpected absence or home emergency 

---Order supplies 

---We all can think of more examples  

We the Faculty can survive a day a week, but a month? Months?  Please come, eat some cake and observe Halloween in solidarity with the staff. 


For FSU members in good standing:


►Retirement Counseling is available to FSU members:  see here for more information 


The union is only as strong as members are involved.  Let us know if you want to be involved in the union, serve on our membership drive, a committee, or help with any of these issues. If you have not yet joined as a full member we urge you to do so now! (contact the FSU office for membership materials).

Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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